An indication of geographical origin is any indication by which a country or a place situated therein is directly or indirectly indicated as the country or the place of geographical origin of a product. An indication of geographical origin is used to designate natural, agricultural, industrial, artisan and handicraft products.


An appellation of origin is the geographical name of a country, a region or a locality which serves to designate a product originating therein, the quality and specific characteristics of which are exclusively or essentially due to the geographical environment, including natural and human factors, and the production, processing, and preparation of which take place entirely in a defined limited area.


A geographical indication is an indication which identifies specific goods as the goods originating in the territory of a specific country, region or locality within that territory, where a specific quality, reputation or other characteristics of the goods may essentially be attributed to its geographical origin.

The procedure for the registration of said rights is conducted before a responsible authority of a state and it lasts for an unlimited period of time in a certain territory.

Generic name is a geographical name which has, although it refers to a geographical location where a product was originally produced or marketed, lost its geographical significance in everyday speech and has become a general name of such product.
Homonymous names – Where the names of two or more places of origin of a product are identical or almost identical in written or spoken form (homonymous names), the protection of such geographical names is granted to all the interested parties that meet the requirements prescribed by law. The grant of production is based on the principles of fair and equal treatment of producers in the market, and truthful informing of consumers, except when it is likely to cause confusion among the public about the exact geographical origin of a product.

Origin of Raw Materials – A product may exceptionally be protected by an appellation of origin or a geographical indication if it has a proven traditional attribute, high reputation and is well-known, and where the raw materials for the production of such product originate in an area different from or larger than the processing area, provided that the production area of raw materials is limited and that specific conditions for the production of raw materials exist, as well as the system of inspection control that ensures supervision of the fulfillment of specific conditions.

Traditional and historical names – indication of geographical origin is also a name which is not the administrative geographical name of a certain country, region or locality, and which, due to its long-term use in trade, has become well-known as the traditional name of a product originating in that area or is the historical name of such an area.