"Herpatent" made a notable appearance at the international innovation exhibition ARCA 2023

Mostar, October 26, 2023 - Members of the Association of Inventors "Herzegovinian Patents" (Herpatent) made a notable appearance at the international innovation exhibition ARCA 2023, held from October 12 to 14, 2023 in Zagreb.

Association member Branko Milićević won the gold medal for the silent vacuum cleaner, and the silver medal for the universal loading basket. Five certificates confirming the value of the presented innovation were awarded to members Ivan Milićević for the wine dealcoholizer, Branko Milićević for the variable-height camper trailer and telescopic garden hydraulic pliers, Nikola Marić for the multi-purpose bag and Zoran Kutle for the 'device for the jaws of the pliers against spreading the jaws'.

The exhibition held in the National and University Library in Zagreb was organized by the Croatian Association of Innovators with co-organizers the National and University Library, the Croatian Association of Technical Culture, IFIA - the International Association of Innovators and the University of Zagreb.

As announced by the Croatian Association of Innovators, the exhibition presented more than 200 innovations and new technologies from almost all areas of human work, from industry to everyday life, which are the result of the work of individual innovators, research teams from the private and public sector, the academic community and scientific institutions, as well as innovative companies and start-up companies from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of North Macedonia, Moldova, the Czech Republic, Belgium, China, Iran, Poland and Serbia.



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