The application for the grant of an industrial design contains:

√ Request for the grant of an industrial design (Form D-01). One application may contain a request for the grant of one or more designs (up to 100) belonging to the same class of the International Classification for Industrial Designs.

√ Two-dimensional representation of a design which the applicant wishes to protect. The details of appearance must enable the assessment of novelty and individual character of the design.

√ Description of a design is an optional element of the application, having maximum 150 words. The description must refer only to the appearance of a subject matter of protection, and not to its functional and technical features. Prijava za priznanje industrijskog dizajna sadrži:

Request for the grant of an industrial design contains:

√ Indications concerning the applicant,

√ Indications concerning the author of a design or his/her declaration to the effect that he/she does not wish to be mentioned in the application,

√ Indication as to whether the application relates to one or more designs,

√ actual and short title of a design,

√ legal basis for filing the application and applicant's signature.

The form is completed on a computer or a typewriter, in one of the official languages in BIH. It is furnished in two copies, and other elements of the application are furnished in one copy. The application that has been accorded a filing date is entered in the Register of Applications, and the Institute notifies the applicant to that effect in writing.

Industrial design application further contains:

√ Power of attorney if an industrial design application is filed through a representative,

√ Declaration of the creator of a design to the effect that he/she does not wish to be identified in the application,

√ Declaration indicating the grounds for acquiring the right to file the application if the creator of a design is not the applicant,

√ Declaration on a common representative if there are several applicants,

For further information, please refer to the Regulations Concerning Procedure for the Grant of Industrial Designs (currently available in local language).