Patent Protection Procedure in BH

The procedure is initiated by filing an application for the grant of a patent with the Institute. It is necessary to furnish a completed request for the grant of a patent, accompanying documents and proof of payment of the costs involved. The application is filed in written form, directly or by mail, by fax or electronically to the official e-mail of the Institute, provided that within 15 days from the date of its receipt by the Institute, it is furnished to the Institute in written form. A separate application is filed for each invention.

A patent application consists of:

a request for the grant of a patent (P1 Form) with an indication that the grant of a patent is requested, the title of the invention reflecting its essence, information concerning the applicant, and information concerning the inventor.

The patent application contains:

a detailed and clear description of the invention,

- one or more patent claims that need to be clear, concise, and fully supported by the description of the invention and drawings, if any,

any drawings referred to in the description of the invention and patent claims,

an abstract of the essence of the invention serving exclusively the purpose of providing technical information.

The form is completed on a computer or a typewriter, in one of the official languages of BIH. It is furnished in two copies, and other accompanying documents in one copy. One copy of the form is retained by the Institute, and the other copy, date stamped, with the number of the patent application entered, incoming correspondence serial number, and official seal is furnished to the applicant as proof of accordal of the filing date to the application.

The following accompanying documents are furnished with the patent application:

√ declaration of the inventor in the event that he does not wish to be mentioned in the application,

√ power of attorney if the application is filed through a representative,

√ declaration on a common representative where there are several applicants.

For further information, please refer to the Regulations Concerning Procedure for the Grant of a Patent and a Consensual Patent (currently available in local language).