Seminar "Intellectual property for business entities" held in Banja Luka


Banja Luka, August 31, 2023 - Seminar "Intellectual property for business entities" was held on August 31, 2023 in Banja Luka, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the Republika Srpska and the Institute for Intellectual Property of Bosnia and Herzegovina, within the framework of the project "EU support for intellectual property rights in BiH", financed by the European Union. After the seminar in Sarajevo, this is the second in a series of events that the Institute, in cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce, held free of charge for business entities, business support organizations, as well as all those who are professionally interested in this issue.

Intellectual property is an "intangible" asset, but very often the most valuable asset of a company that needs to be continuously improved and also legally protected from potential abuses. Considering the importance of intellectual property in today's business environment, as well as the need to raise awareness about the importance of protecting it, at the seminar thematic units related to patents, trademarks and industrial design were presented, and the intellectual property pre-diagnostics service also, recently introduced by the Institute for Intellectual Property as a free service for small and medium enterprises.

"Just like in Sarajevo, where we recently successfully held the first seminar, participants in Banja Luka had the opportunity to get informed and familiarize themselves with the competences of the Institute, procedures for the protection of intellectual property, as well as the advantages that are gained through protection," it was stated on this occasion by Goran Trifković, expert advisor for industrial design at the Institute for Intellectual Property of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who was also one of the lecturers.

He added that the Institute has recently developed a free intellectual property pre-diagnostics service for small and medium-sized companies that want to assess their strength in the field of intellectual property and use it for their development. "The first company with which we realized this activity was Farmavit d.o.o. production unit "Food Planet" Ljubinje. We continue to provide pre-diagnostics services, and tomorrow we will already be at Elas Metalexpert d.o.o. in Banja Luka," concluded Trifković.

Team leader of the "EU support for intellectual property rights in BiH" project, Miodrag Marković, said that the European Union finances this project to help Bosnia and Herzegovina harmonize legislation with the European legal acquis, improve the competitiveness and innovation of the economy in BiH, by providing the necessary expertise and support to the Institute for Intellectual Property and creative industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. "Precisely these two activities are good examples of our partnership cooperation with the Institute in the process of strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina," said Marković.

Pre-diagnostics of intellectual property provides recommendations for the protection of certain intellectual property rights based on the assessment of the current situation in the company, provides the opportunity for clients to look at future business through understanding the advantages they have gained by protecting their intellectual property, which directly influences the empowerment of every company that goes through this process.