New WIPO publication focuses on climate change adaptation


Mostar, November 14, 2022 - World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has published the first edition of its “Green Technology Book” focusing on climate change adaptation – placing these measures on equal footing with mitigation measures.

Released at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27) in Egypt, the publication covers climate-change adaptation technologies that aim to reduce vulnerability and increase resilience to climate impacts, especially in developing countries, where the effects are most heavily borne.

One of the key findings of the Green Technology Book is that investment in climate-change adaptation has long taken a back seat to mitigation (efforts to halt the process of global climate change), but for many nations – developing countries in particular – adaptation responses and investments show the greatest immediate impact.

This first edition of the Green Technology Book focuses on three areas in which addressing climate impacts are particularly urgent: agriculture and forestry, water and coastal regions, and cities. It is a practical guide that showcases 200 currently available as well as cutting-edge technologies that are still in development.

Green Technology Book is created in cooperation with the partners Climate Technology Center and Network (CTCN) and the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASTR). It builds on the work of the WIPO GREEN platform, which connects green technology providers from around the world with people seeking environmentally friendly solutions, WIPO announced.